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e-sword is a free bible software package that includes multiple Bible translations, commentaries, maps, and daily devotions.


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Strong's Concordance with Hebrew & Greek Lexicon

From their website, "The Strong's concordance is a very useful tool for studying the scriptures. It takes every single word of the King James Version and lists where each word can be found in the scriptures. It is useful for locating scripture verses that you know the words to, but don't know the book, chapter and verse. "



Bible Toolbox         The Bible Toolbox


Bible Gateway

From their website, "...a free service for reading and researching Scripture online--all in the language or translation of your choice! We provide advanced tools you can use to search the Bible by keywords or verse, as well as other tools to enhance your study of the Bible."




From their website, "We are a for-profit religious corporation dedicated to building up the Church, which is the Body of Christ.



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Bible Study Resources

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