The Huachuca Hospitality House (HHH) has been granted a Combined Federal Campaign Code! 

When our military and government employee friends are afforded the opportunity to participate in the CFC, remember;

The HHH Code: 87301

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At Cadence International, our passion is serving the military community through hospitality, Bible studies, and discipleship. We serve U.S. military personnel and those of other countries, their families, and youth.

Far from home, family, and friends, and perhaps even their own culture, military personnel are in a position to think about foundational life issues. Demanding duty schedules alternate with the boredom of off-duty hours. Deployment and potentially deadly combat are ever-present possibilities. Most are young, just deciding what to do with their lives apart from their families. Many are ready to seek strong relationships with people and with God.

“Home away from home” best describes our hospitality ministries with their warm family environments. House directors offer Bible study groups for couples and singles, as well as one-on-one mentoring and discipleship. Home-cooked meals are a regular and popular feature! Off-duty activities, including sports activities, trips to local places of interest, and retreats, provide great opportunities for relaxed fellowship and relationship building. Specific ministries vary depending on the needs of each base, but most locations have a combination of family and singles ministries.

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